Looking to find great graphics in Canva? Check out the list below to start finding those hidden gems like a Canva Pro.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to creating design awesomeness in Canva. Odds are you’ve already tried your hand at putting together a graphic for yourself, your business or a client and gotten lost in the process of searching for that perfect graphic element.

You’re 100% right that graphics can really make or break a design. The problem, is spending too much precious time finding the right one and, more often than not, coming up empty-handed.

After teaching dozens of students how to use Canva to design, as well as using it to create design pieces for my own business and clients, I’m sharing some of my favorite search terms for finding awesome graphics in Canva.

Great Graphics in Canva – What to Search For

There are a lot of moving pieces to any graphic design project. But one of the first keys to finding the perfect graphics in Canva for your work is to think about them first!

Every design has a specific style – it might be masculine or feminine, business-like or playful, vintage or modern, and so on. Think through your subject and intended message and decide where your design fits. Jotting down a few words to help you define the style will help you refine your search.

Then, you’ll also want to consider what types of graphics you may need? Are you looking for something animated? Do you just need a few brightly colored shapes and textures? Maybe you’re looking for a bold, show-stopping image that conveys a single message?

If you’ve got a lot of text, I’d consider using graphic elements to help you emphasize the text you’ll be including. If your text is minimal – why not search for a bold graphic image to draw in your audience?

Here’s 13 of my favorite search terms for finding great graphics in Canva. I hope you’ll find a few favorites and use them in your next design:

  • Minimal
  • Modern
  • Vintage
  • watercolor
  • ripped paper
  • washi tape
  • speech bubble
  • pattern
  • banner
  • gradients
  • free
  • floral (add in further descriptors like “branch”, “border”, “wreath”)
  • Stickers (great if you’re looking for animated options)
  • line drawings
  • modern shape

What other great search terms have you used to find graphics in Canva? Share them in the comments!

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