My Own Brand Of Happy | Young Women 2015 Monthly Theme Cards

It’s finally here – the full set of 2015 Young Women Theme Cards is available for purchase in the shop! For just $2.00, you’ll get an instant download zip file with 12 jpeg images all ready for you to upload to your favorite photo lab (I love using Sam’s Club or Costco) but any photo lab will do. You can print month to month, or print for the entire year and stash it away in your YW closet knowing you’re all ready to go and have another thing crossed off the list.

Click here to purchase the YW 2014 Monthly Theme Card Kit now!

Don’t want to buy the file, but still want to be able to share the monthly theme with your girls? Don’t worry.

Two Ways to Get the Theme Cards

For 2014, I launched one card each month. On the 15th of every month the next month’s card would be released (February’s card will be released January 15th, and so on). Giving you plenty of time to visit the site, download the card, and get your cards printed. The same will go for 2015. You can mark your calendar, subscribe to my site, or like the MOBOH Facebook page so you’ll get the reminder to stop by and get the card for the next month for FREE.

If you’re a planner like me, and want to print all the cards at once (because maybe you found one of those great Shutterfly deals where you get 100 prints for free or something similar) then you can get all the monthly theme cards for 2015 buy purchasing the file in my shop for $2.00. It’s available now, right here on my site!

A Little Background on MOBOH Young Women Monthly Theme Cards

Late last year I started receiving emails about the theme cards for 2015. At first, I hesitated on completing another round because the monthly themes don’t change, but I had so many ask that I finally decided I’d design another set. After asking quite a few of you what aspects you liked most about the cards I set to work,but I was stumped. There were really no aspects of the old cards that seemed less useful based on your comments and therefore, worth excluding from the new design – and there are only so many ways you can rearrange things in a 4×6 space. I was stumped. But here they are… the 2015 theme cards with the best suggestions from my trusted advisors (all of you!) and a fresh new look. I hope you and your girls enjoy them as much as I did creating them.

If you’re new to MOBOH’s YW Monthly Theme Cards, here’s how it works:

The LDS church youth groups have scheduled monthly themes as part of their curriculum for the year. Each month focuses on a different gospel principle and during the month the youth are to study and learn more about the principle and in turn, strengthen their testimony of the gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ. You can learn more about the youth program or the Church by visiting the links.


Thank you a million times over!

I wish I could send each of you a handwritten note, but sadly a shout out here will have to do. I just wanted to say a great big thank you to all of you YW leaders for the work that you do and for using MOBOH products. When I started designing YW stuff last year it was kind of on a whim. But it has been a huge blessing to me and my family, as you’ve supported me and my little shop and also shared with me how you’re using the designs and the sweet spirit of your girls and the activities you plan. The emails and comments you send me make my day and I hope that what you find here on the site will continue to add a little bit of happy to yours.