If there was one word to describe what’s going on around here, it would be, ANTICIPATION.

We’re awaiting the arrival of our Little Man any day now, and on the MOBOH front, I’m working on the designs for the 2015 Young Women Theme Kit and trying to tie up loose ends.

If you want to be in the loop when the 2015 kit is available, please head on over to the sidebar and sign up under the YW 2015 box. I promise you won’t receive any unnecessary emails from me. I despise junk mail. But I will send you the update when the 2015 Theme Kit is available. I often post about YW ideas and if you’re interested in getting in on that, you’ll need to subscribe to my blog (a place for that is also conveniently in the sidebar under “Get the Scoop”.)

Throughout the past year, I’ve been keeping notes on things that some of you have asked me to put together. I’ve also bothered friends who are working in various YW groups across the Church what they’d love to have in the future. I’ve got quite a few improvements coming and I cannot wait to share them with you. So as not to ruin the surprise I’ll just say that there will be things for organizing, inviting, decorating, and giving to your girls. If there is something you’d like to suggest for the kit – please comment below. I would love to hear your ideas!

Oh… and one more little heads up. For those who sign up under the YW 2015 button, I’ll also be sending out an exclusive coupon code you can use to purchase the kit or anything else from my shop. We’re counting it as part of our celebration for when the Little Man finally arrives, and the fact that momma will finally be able to breathe again with out feeling “squished”.