Life is crazy. You’ve got a lot to do and you know how to dream big. Make 2017 count in all the right places with Planner Printables from Prickly Pear Design Co.

I remember getting my very first planner. My seventh grade home room teacher passed out the academic planners with the plastic spiral binding and there was no turning back. I loved paper and office supplies, but that planner was the start of my obsession with crossing things off my to do list with a black Sharpie.

As a busy wife, mom, graphic designer, and entrepreneur I’ve taken my “boss” duties to a whole new level – seven periods of homework assignments pales in comparison. Loose leaf planning printables helped, but I wanted something that kept me organized for longer than a day or week at a time and a way that I could visually track my progress. That’s how the Make Things Happen Planner came to be.


  • you choose the binding
  • you choose the colors
  • choose your categories

Its a DIY project you can get done in a matter of minutes – and that means you’ve got one more thing to cross off your list.

Read more about my favorite binding method here. 


Planning printables are awesome and we’ve got lots of useful ones around here. But I like to set goals. I like to track progress. And I like to be able to have something tangible that displays my dreams, charts my progress, and shows my success. The Make Things Happen Planner does just that.



  • Planner runs January – December 2017
  • Monthly Calendar Spreads help you see your month at a glance with plenty of room to jot notes and goals below
  • Weekly Calendar spreads with a Monday start are broken into category boxes so you can customize your planning to fit your needs.
  • Bright Ideas, Brainstorm & Goal Tracking pages at the beginning of every month let you jot down thoughts, brainstorm goals ideas, and plan and track your chosen goals so you can see your progress and keep your tasks top of mind.

Read how I use my Bright Ideas, Brainstorm & Goal Tracking Pages here. 


I’ve tried quite a few different planners. I’ll be honest, I’ve never met a planner I didn’t like. But I’ll tell you what I wasn’t so fond of:

  • high cost
  • limited customization abilities
  • not enough space

The Make Things Happen Planner prints in black and white, which means the cost to get it done isn’t going to break the bank. Simply purchase and download the file then print it at home or send it off to your favorite copy shop to be printed, cut and bound.


And to be honest, that cost-efficient black and white calendar is the perfect blank slate. You can personalize it’s look by adding stickers, writing with colored pens, doodling, using washi tape, and so much more. The Make Things Happen Planner is the perfect way to show your personality, keep track of your progress, and document YOUR life, YOUR way.

When it comes to utilized space in a planner layout, you’ve got a lot of different options- horizontal, vertical, Monday or Sunday start,  hourly, or 3 section for each day, and the options go on. No matter which I’ve tried, I’ve always found one thing… I always want more space because I’ve got more I could write down. That said, I still needed the organization and the boundaries of a good layout. The Make Things Happen Planner comes in my 2 favorite, tried-n-true layouts:

  • the traditional vertical layout – perfect for making lists or listing activities by time
  • the 5 category vertical layout – the best way to organize a bunch of different areas but keep it all in one place

I’ll be honest, I love both layouts, but the 5 category has become my all-time favorite and I haven’t looked back. Make each category a family member, or divide up your to do’s by category, like Health, School,Work, PTA, etc. Whatever you’ve got going the Make Things Happen Planner can help you organize it.

Read more about how to use the 2 layout options here (and why I love the 5 category for running my business)

So who’s ready to start planning?