General Conference is one of my favorite times of year, especially in the Fall! The General Women’s meeting was wonderful – my mom was in town so I got to attend with her, and the messages from our leaders were exactly what my heart needed to hear.

All of the talks were wonderful, but President Uchtdorf’s talk was especially meaningful. I thought it might have just been that way for me, but today in our Relief Society lesson, it was obvious it made a huge impact on many of us! There were oh so many good quotes to pick from, but I picked my three favorite to share with you… each has a special place in my heart and will find a spot on the gallery wall or in other various places in our home.

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I loved Harriet’s story. Loved it. And how he turned it from hardworking missionaries to each of us seeking answers for our life and pressing forward to receive blessings that are often found at the “fourth floor, last door” was perfect.


Download the Faith is Trust 8×10 Print

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In times when we feel like our faith is lacking, President Uchtdorf’s words on what faith truly is should be written upon our hearts. I know they’re written on mine. Faith is simple. “Trust that God sees what we cannot. That he knows what we do not.” There’s no need for being a spiritual giant or a scripture scholar or the descendent of a handcart pioneer – just trust. That is something I can do – and I need the reminder daily.


Download the Be the Sunshine 8×10 Print

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This wasn’t a direct quote, but I felt like it was a theme of his talk all the same. In the opening lines of his talk, he spoke of Harriet, his mother, mother-in-law, and other women in his life as the “sunshine”.  I think far too often, I as a mother, daughter, wife, friend, sister, etc., forget that I can bring sunshine and the light of Christ into my home and the lives of those around me. This little reminder is perfect for me and my young daughter – be the sunshine, because honestly, there are enough clouds out there and rays of light and the hope of Christ are needed everywhere.