Looking for great graphics in Canva? Here are 3 tips & a tutorial video to show you how to get started on searching and find graphics like a pro.

Every designer, whether you’re a newbie or experienced, searches for graphics. Some projects allow you to create graphics from scratch, but often we look to the work of others to help speed up our process or stick to our budget.

Canva provides dozens of great graphics that can be used in even more ways. Today I’m going to share 3 ideas that will help you become an expert at finding graphics for design projects as well as help you find graphics in Canva like a seasoned pro.

Tip 1 – Search for Graphics that have a Similar Aesthetic

The overall look of your design matters. Using hand-drawn florals for a stream-lined business graphic you’re creating for a client that works in finance probably doesn’t help your design much. So when you’re looking for the perfect graphic make sure you search for those that have a similar aesthetic – or look and vibe of your design.

One tip I often share with students is to start with defining the look and feel of the piece at the start of the project rather than half way through. You might even want to take a minute and jot down words that come to mind – you can use those in the graphic elements search bar in Canva as you start looking for graphics you’ll want to use in your work. If your’e not sure what words to use, you can check out a list of 13 Terms to Search for Great Graphics in Canva to get you started.

Tip 2 – Less is More – Refine your Message

We’ve all heard that saying that “sometimes less is more.” When it comes to graphics, this concept holds true. Graphics are used to create visual interest and express a message. Sometimes when we start a graphics search we gather up several elements that we like -this is actually a great approach.

We may start our search with a single word and then as we review options we can start narrowing down our search by adding in specific descriptors or keywords. Canva provides you the chance to see keywords and reviewing these terms can actually help you expedite your graphics search. Eventually you’ll review your top selections and pick the graphic that does the best job communicating your intended message.

Tip 3 – Start Creating a Resource

We’ve talked design aesthetic and refining your message. Now it’s time to talk about building a graphics resource. Almost every designer I know has spent hours searching color palettes, typography choices, stock photos and graphics. As you search you’re bound to find hidden gems that don’t work for your current piece but that you want to keep in mind for other projects.

Here’s where you start creating a resource – and essentially cut down the time it takes you to create great work. The more you search, the more you find. The more you find, the more you take note of – and Canva allows you to do so by “liking” or selecting your favorites. With you constantly evolving resource, you’re bound to have an easier search with each and every project.

Now start designing!

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