You’ve heard of Canva, but you’re not sure if it’s the right design program or how you can put it to use in your busy life. Here are 33 ideas on how to use Canva for work!

I’ve been a graphic design for over 10 years and because design is my business, I work in the Adobe Creative Suite programs – InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator on a daily basis.

That said, I believe that anyone can learn design and that they can use it for their work in a variety of ways. There’s no need to wish you had those skills or “knew someone” that could pull something together for you. You can do it! And it doesn’t have to cost a ton of $$ or take a lot of time to do.

Here are a few ways I see students and client’s using Canva for work, divided by the type of work you might be into. You may find that your fall into more than one category – so be sure to check out all the lists for endless ideas!

If You Run Your Own Business

  • business cards
  • brochures for your business
  • sales fliers, pricing sheets, coupons, gift certificates, referral cards
  • thank you notes or note cards for networking, awesome clients or your employees
  • social media images
  • postcards, mailers, special offers

If You Write a Blog

  • Watermarking images for blog posts with your website or logo
  • Feature images for blog posts
  • Graphics or Icons for Sales pages
  • Images for Social Media platforms & profiles
  • Email newsletter headers & graphics
  • creating your own e-books, or freebie digital printables to promote your blog or website

If You’re a Teacher

  • Classroom posters
  • Slide Presentations for Students or their parents
  • Classroom Newsletter
  • Bulletin Board or Classroom Decor
  • Student Welcome Packets
  • Student/Parent Contact Sheets & Questionaires
  • Inspirational Quotes for Your Room or Board
  • Calendars for anything you need to schedule
  • Field Trip fliers & Permission Slips
  • Flash cards, worksheet creation, booklets for specific topics and more!

If You’re a Personal Assistant or Secretary

  • fliers for office events, open enrollment, customer specials, etc.
  • HR information packets
  • new employee handbooks
  • sign-ups for office pot lucks, social events, happy hours, etc.
  • break room signs
  • employee processes or procedures
  • company newsletter headers
  • letterhead
  • namecards or placards, calendars
  • slide decks for presentations
  • office holiday cards, gift tags, notecards

So what project will you take on first? I’d love to hear!


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