These prints are perfect for enhancing your weekly Come Follow Me Lessons for youth. Use one, use them all – and help your girls create a cute keepsake album.

At the beginning of this year, I set a goal to mindfully study the Come Follow Me topics for the youth of our church. I figured that if they were important enough for the youth to study, they were important enough for the adults. My assumption was right. I’ve gained new insights on the doctrinal principles, had personal revelation come for how to improve in my own life, and  felt my testimony grow of these important truths. I’d be the first to raise my hand in support of the Come Follow Me curriculum being a point of study for everyone!

Each month, I pull my favorite quotes from each question outlined in the month’s curriculum and create a printable handout you can use in your Young Women lessons. (These are awesome and focus on core gospel principles, so you could easily use them in Sunday School and Relief Society too!) You can purchase the individual kits each month, or get them (and lots of other useful prints for church) at a much lower cost when you join Young Women Leader Rockstar.

May’s topic is  Prophets & Revelation. There is one quote designed for each week’s lesson question. Also included in each month’s kit are friend-shipping helps and a fun bonus printable that can be used as a presidency drop-off, extra fun handout, or at an activity so the girls can create them themselves. These items designs vary each month, so if you collect them all you’ll have quite a stash!

What’s Included in the Kit

  • includes JPEG files to be printed at your favorite photo printer (I use Costco, but whatever photo lab is your favorite should work!)
  • Create a Keepsake album with the quotes and an inexpensive plastic photo album.
  • Monthly Divider page included with the Come Follow Me Topic
  • BONUS: 6 different album cover designs – one that fits every personality!
  • Friendshipping Helps – because your busy enough, and these cute little helps are perfect for drop offs, visits, tied to a treat, or just because. Every month they’ll be different so you can collect them all and add to your stash!
  • Bonus printable – a little container for treats or activity idea, etc.

Want to take a look at this month’s kit? You can get yours here.