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Happy Saturday!

With the end of school drawing near and Girls Camp activities in full swing, there’s no time to think of weekly activity plans or what the rest of the summer will bring.  But once the sleeping bags and camp necklaces are put away for the year, the long weeks of summer are the perfect time to get our girls focused on earning their Young Women medallion and refocusing their commitment to Personal Progress.

I’m excited to share with you the Personal Progress Planner cards. Two cute coordinating designs that will help you set a plan with your girls as they work on specific goals and make working on Personal Progress fun.

Each card works for any goal, simply circle the YW value and the goal number, value project, or personalized experience. There’s a few lines for jotting down a plan, choosing a finish date and a place for them to sign their name. (There’s something about signing your name that makes you more committed don’t you think?) All you have to do as a leader is print off a stack and grab a cute magnet or some washi tape so you can encourage the girls to hang them up as a reminder of their plan.

I think it’s sometimes difficult for our youth to be excited about and moving forward on Personal Progress goals when they’re busy with school and life, but I loved the stories and quotes shared in Five Reasons to Love Personal Progress  available on the Church’s website.

 After reading the article, I wanted to dig out my own Personal Progress book and get going. Sister Dalton was right when she said, “…this is what Personal Progress is really all about – being focused on good things, becoming a better person, feeling the Spirit, and being happy!”

Covering the points from the article and sharing the testimonies and experiences of the General auxiliary leaders and girls would be a perfect start to a mutual night focused on Personal Progress goals. Now all you need are some snacks or a fun dessert, and you’re ready to start planning!

Download the YW Personal Planner Card Printable

prints on 8.5″ x 11″ paper – landscape; finished card size – 5″ x 7″

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this download is no longer available for free, but can be purchase for a small fee. Get these cards, PLUS Honor Bee Tracking Cards in the Shop.