About me

Hi friend – I’m Marissa!

It’s nice to virtually meet you and I’m terribly excited that you stopped by!

This little piece of the internet came to be during a grad school marketing class. I had left my creative job as an editor for a craft magazine to go to business school and somewhere in the mess of it all I found that my true passion was in being creative and teaching others how to build out their dreams.

I also met my incredibly supportive husband during grad school and swapped out my goal of a more formal career for something I’ve found to be a lot more fun – entrepreneurship & design!

The result was a a one-stop-shop for small business marketing & design while my babies napped and a growing side hustle of sharing printables, all while teaching oodles of BYU-Idaho Online students the ins and outs of visual media and the Adobe Creative Suite.

When I’m not busy with students, clients or dreaming up the next project you’ll probably find me playing with my kiddos, walking our Airedale terrier Duke, or convincing my family that you can never have enough tacos.

My hope is that you’ll find something here that will make your own life a bit easier or more fun…

  • printables for your home, church calling or side hustle
  • tutorials and tips if you’re looking to start designing yourself
  • and encouragement that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.