Several years ago, I was sitting in a waiting room looking through a popular home magazine. Inside they were featuring several different homes and their holiday decor. I love decorating for the holidays so every page “spoke” to me, but my favorite photos were from a home that seemed to have a little bit of Christmas everywhere, without it being too overwhelming. The room had a large gallery wall that had a mix of frame types, holiday prints, and family photos. There were touches everywhere, but the house looked cozy,inviting and not over the top. I loved everything about it, but my holiday decorating budget and newlywed basement apartment didn’t provide for the large gallery wall or the small touches of sparkle and Christmas spread throughout the room.

Now, several years later, 3 cross country moves, and 5 different houses… I’ve still never had a massive gallery wall, but I’ve gathered a holiday decor collection that I love. And I’ve had a fabulous time morphing it to fit every home and space that we’ve lived in. This is our first Christmas in this particular house, and finally I have a fairly large space to create a gallery wall inspired by the one I saw back then. I’ve been collecting frames and family photos since we moved in- but I’m still in the “don’t break the bank” mindset. That said, I’ve decided to just create my own prints to add the festive to our wall and sharing them with you for FREE!

Download the Reindeer with Wreath Holiday Print

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Simply download the file and print on a home color printer or send to your favorite copy shop. The print is 8×10 finished size and prints on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Use white card stock instead of standard weight

copy paper for a sturdier print that will last more than one year. * Feel free to print as many as you’d like and give them as gifts, but please don’t share the file – instead tell your friends so they can stop by and pick

up their own free printable  – the more the merrier!