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I loved my time as a Young Women. I had the best leaders – they gave great lessons, planned awesome activities, and always gave great advice. That said, what I remember most were the little things they did to go the extra mile. That’s what let me know they were watching and really cared.

I know it seems old fashioned in an age where text and chat are all the rage, but I think little hand written notes still make a huge impact. Especially when the note is handmade and has a thoughtful bit of encouragement or just a simple greeting letting them know that they’re important.

But life is busy and who has time to craft little notes? You do! All you have to do is download these cute and FREE Young Women Value Heart note cards. They’re 3×5 in size, fit four to a page and have watercolored hearts in the value colors.

Print, cut, and write that personal note and you’re ready to go.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Color prints of the download (there are 4 notecards to a page, and 1 envelope template to a page)

Paper trimmer, scissors (or both)

Envelope Glue or Glue stick

Washi Tape (optional)

Corner Rounder (optional)



Want 2 additional ways to make it even cuter?

1. Just print off the matching envelope template and seal it with a cute piece of Washi tape.

2.Pick up some gold glitter glue at your local dollar or craft store and color over the Virtue heart for a little girly sparkle.

Download the Young Women Value Hearts Notecard & Envelope Template

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We’d love to see how your cards turn out and how you decided to use them. Comment here, or send us a note at