Hi friends! I’m so excited to share a project I’ve been working on and introduce you to a brand new foodie blogger whom I think you’re going to love. Ami of The Amiable Cooks has just launched her new brand and site ad her recipes are to die for. The best part – she’s sharing how she incorporates her kids’ help in the kitchen when she’s making these culinary masterpieces. I hope you’ll stop on by and say hello, and if you’re like me, find a few new recipes to include in your dinner plans for the week!


Working with Ami on the branding portion was a dream. She already head a strong idea of her vision for the brand and gave me some verifying defining words to go with it: clean, crisp, and stylish. We ran with these and made sure that we put the focus on the food with big, bold photos that display the amazing dishes she creates.  She answered a branding and design questionnaire and providing me with a lot of insights into her likes and dislikes, how cooking makes her feel and how her passion for creating healthy and delicious meals for and with her family grew. She pinned any images that caught her eye and from there I created a color inspiration board.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.41.22 AM1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

While I was reviewing Ami’s pin board she had a ton of beautiful images that held a lot of color. Narrowing the color palette looked like a daunting task because she had images that spoke to a wide spectrum of colors. Lots of seasonal dishes which leant towards warmer tones and then other non-food images that went in the complete opposite direction with cooler tones.  Her styling photos really helped narrow our color palette and decided that her branding would be to keep to subtle color tones and let her food photography cover the wide gamut of colors she loved through the medium she loves best – food. Within the logo design we kept a strong focus on the copper metallic look and the use of rosemary sprigs hoping to emphasize the living, natural forms of food  and how Ami incorporates them into each dish. From here, I created a complete branding guide including fonts, alternate marks, and textures that would appeal to Ami’s style as well as keep her brand inline with current trends in the foodie industry.


Once we solidified the brand and logo we turned to the website. You can pop on over to her site and take a look – you’ll be drawn in by her inviting photos and her storytelling for each recipe post on  how it came to be with all of her Amiable Cooks in the kitchen.


Looking to rebrand your small business or create a logo and new look for your blog? I’d love to hear about your ideas. Send me a note and lets see if we can’t collaborate to make you something fabulous.