This guided study of The Plan of Salvation corresponds perfectly with the Come Follow Me curriculum for LDS Youth. Use this guide for building your testimony, preparing youth for weekly lessons, Personal Progress goals, or a women’s scripture study group. 


Not very long ago I was rumbling around online and came upon a Christian Bible Study Guide. The design of the guide was stunning, the topic was on point, and the women who were talking about their experiences had nothing but good things to say about it. When I looked into the details, I was sadden because they were studying with a different version of the Bible than I would be. It wasn’t really a problem, but I decided against joining the group and purchasing the study guide,  and I was a little bit sad because  I loved the idea of a guided study and a group of faithful women sharing their thoughts and insights.

Not too long after, I stumbled upon The Small Seed. One of the first posts I read included the first monthly scripture study guide created by Tiffany Webster (go check our her Instagram account and be prepared to be inspired). I quickly downloaded the guide and in my first study session I felt like I had swan dived back into super- effective study – something that I haven’t felt for awhile now because life (and kids) seems to add a little bit of chaos. The great part was, I could pick and choose what fit for me. Read a few selected scriptures (she has them divided by book of scripture so the list is completely compatible with those who might not be LDS – just eliminate the Book of Mormon column, or request a FREE copy of the Book of Mormon here and see what it’s all about), listen to a Conference Talk while driving around town doing errands, or set aside a planned study time. I also adored the scripture memorization challenge – and found myself reciting the scripture while I did dishes, folded laundry, or walked to the mailbox so that I could commit it to memory.

The personal benefits were huge for me, and I started following the hashtags on social media and found a whole community of women, with a fair majority of them reading from the same version of the Bible (King James) as I was.

Since that time, I’ve had the idea for a Come Follow Me Study Guide in the back of my mind. Over the course of my life, I’ve noticed that my testimony is strengthened when I study Gospel Principles and apply them to my life. I think that’s probably one of the many reasons that the Church’s Come Follow Me program is outlined the way it is. The core tenets of the Gospel are all there – study those, and you’re bound to have a thriving testimony.

So without further adieu, I give you the Come Follow Me Study Guide for February – The Plan of Salvation. It’s perfect for Young Women groups and would work well for Relief Society as well. The girls in your Young Women group could easily use this guide to prepare for the lessons for the month. Each guide is broken up by question – and the coordinating talks, articles and scriptures are listed there with plenty of room to jot down notes.



Download the Come Follow Me Study Guide for February – The Plan of Salvation

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Tips for Printing

There are 2 options when it comes to printing. When you open the PDF you’ll notice that the pages are 8.5×11 when printed at full size. I love this for my personal study guide, because I want lots of space. I simply print the pages back to back and then staple them together and tuck them in my scripture journal. But I recognize that it might be a little more cost effective if you’re printing these off for your Young Women or a study group if you print them in booklet form. So here’s how that works.

  1. Download the file and open it in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Select Print and the Print options box will appear.
  3. Select Booklet  under Page Sizing & Handling.
  4. Booklet Subset should be set to “both sides”, sheets should be set to the entire page range, and the binding to “left”. (You can check how it will look when printed by clicking through the displayed image on the right hand side of the Print options box.)
  5. Then click print.

Tip: My color printer is a photo printer and doesn’t have the option to print back to back. You can still print it in booklet form, but you’ll have to be sneaky and hand feed the pages one at a time (if you have a photo printer that works like this, chances are you already know how to do this without too much effort). If I’m in a great big hurry or want to save on color ink, I simply print my booklet in grayscale on my laser printer which provides the back to back option. 

Will you join me in studying? I’d love to have you share in the comments below!

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