You don’t have to be on this site for very long to know that I love creating printables, especially prints for Young Women and Relief Society (both of these are LDS women groups). That said, there’s a lot more to Prickly Pear Design Co., than just those prints.

What seems like more than a lifetime ago, I went to business school and my love for marketing and branding only intensified. I ended up starting my own business and have spent the past several years working on projects for clients in my free time and during my “little interns” nap times.

I love design. I love branding. And up to this point, the majority of what Prickly Pear Design Co. includes has really taken a back seat to the printables on the site here. I’m ok with that. But small businesses and bloggers rock.

And so instead of keeping quiet about it, I’ve decided to expand what I cover here on the blog a bit. Believe me – there are so many amazing people who are out there rocking the side hustle, I figured that you might be interested in seeing all the awesomeness that I get to see and work with on a regular basis.


So lets get to it.

Today’s logo design is for A Helping of Happy. We took the cook kitchen vibe of one of my semi-custom logos from the shop (this one)  and made it all things happy. I’m not sure if I’m more in love with the awesome logo or Randi’s awesome recipes, but lets just say it’s a win/win.


Blogger/Business Name: Randi Wright of A Helping of Happy


What you’ll find here: amazingly awesome recipes that you’ll feel like you got from your best friend. Try the Easy Blender Hollandise Sauce or the Texas Sheet Cake. Delicious.

Where else you can connect: Facebook  and Instagram


Want to see the other semi-custom logos? You can see them all here.