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  • Build Your Blog : Improve Your SEO with Alt Tags & Image Title Tags


    So a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, what if the images you use on your blog could help you boost your SEO and even get 1000+ Likes, Tweets or Pins? If you spend much time poking around the internet and reading about blogging and building  an online business you’ve probably heard about…


  • Picking the Perfect Theme for Your WordPress Blog or Website

      I’ve spent my fair share of time searching for the perfect theme for a WordPress site. I’m pretty sure that there isn’t one. But, there are quite a few “perfect” options for every type of site out there. So many of my clients get bogged down in search for their “favorite” or “perfect” theme.…


  • Top 7 Free Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

    Working with brand new bloggers or small business owners often means tight budgets and making every dollar do it’s job and then some. I get that starting a business or blog is hard and it sure is nice when someone offers a little free advice, right? Almost every new web design client I have seems…