life with littles

  • Handwriting Practice – Road Paper Printables & Number Writing Worksheet

    If you’ve got little ones doing hybrid school or homeschool this semester, you’ll want to snag these FREE printable worksheets. I can imagine that many readers landing on this post are in the same boat as I am – a mom, who also doubles as a teacher from time to time. Whether it’s entirely by…


  • Things I love: Summer

      Hello Summer! We’ve made no official bucket lists for the Summer yet, but our list grows longer and longer every time we talk about it. Without a doubt there will be plenty of time outdoors, by the water, and eating everything healthy, light, and yummy that we can get our hands on. Here are…


  • 3 Ways to Teach Your Toddler Their Colors

    You might think that because I’m a graphic designer, my little ones would be better than most at color selection and identification. If you’re picturing my three year old shouting out “chartreuse” or “magenta” as she plays with my Pantone swatches you couldn’t be further from how it actually goes. In her mind, if it’s…