• DIY Site Review – 5 Essentials to Make Google Love You

    I just finished up a conference call going over some SEO strategies for a client. During the conversation, our Google/SEO expert listed off a few ideas that help make Google especially happy. When she started ticking down the list, nothing was ground breaking – you could easily read about any of the things she mentioned…


  • Build your Blog – Meta Descriptions

    We’re talking SEO again today. And our focus is on meta descriptions. You might have an awesome child theme that incorporates SEO. You may have a snazzy plugin (there are some really free good ones out there) that automates your SEO and you’re all good to go. But lets be honest for a minute. Automated…


  • Build Your Blog – Title Tags

      How many of you are looking for ways to improve your SEO? How many of you would like to take it on in bite-sized pieces, understand what you’re doing, and know that your efforts are making your site all that more enticing to search engines all while seeing improvement in the number of click-throughs…