• Looking Back on Thirty-Two

    It’s been a week since I turned 33 and it was a good day. The Mr. knows me well and decided that combining Mother’s Day and my birthday wouldn’t be a bad idea if it was a big surprise… heading home to visit family and friends for a week. It was the perfect surprise and…


  • Quick & Easy Decor Ideas – Garlands & Buntings


    If you’re anything like me, you’ve got your hands full and your calendar booked. There are things to do, and you’ve got the best intentions to rock your YW (or another) church calling, but being as organized as you’d like just isn’t in the cards sometimes. If that scenario sounds familiar, read on. 1 –…


  • FREEBIE- YW 2014 Monthly Theme Card {May 2014}

    After such an inspiring General Conference, I was excited to work on May’s theme card. May’s focus is on Prophets & Revelation. If you’re new to the MOBOH monthly theme cards here’s how it works: Download the file below and send it to your favorite local photo shop (I love using Costco or Sam’s Club).…


  • FREEBIE: Woman of God printable

    For some reason, the end of the year moves into warp speed as soon as we’re to Halloween. I love having a full calendar, but it’s been a whirlwind around here the past few weeks.  I’ve been up to my elbows in things –  various client projects, moving into our new house, sewing a Tinkerbell…


  • things to do before: thirty – two

    The birthday came and went – and it was a wonderful day! We had fun celebrating even if we the Lil’Miss was fighting a stomach bug (and believe me, she was still up for the party!) I was so incredibly happy that my well-intentioned, but quickly forgotten list for 31 was so well fulfilled. Honestly,…