Not too long ago I was cleaning out some boxes that had been in the bottom of the closet in my childhood home. It was fun (and funny!) to see what came out of those boxes. What I deemed as “super important” and “save-worthy” has definitely changed over the years. But despite all the good memories and how much fun it was to show my daughter pieces of what my childhood was like, the one thing that meant the most in those boxes were a couple of file folders and three composition books completely stuffed with old handouts and journaling that were compiled through my years spent in Young Women.

Boy, my leaders loved us girls. If it wasn’t obvious then (and it was!) it definitely was after looking through those notebooks. There were dozens of handouts and handwritten cards. Many of the handouts included stickers, patterned papers, or color added with pencils, markers, or paints because color printing was expensive and almost unheard of for weekly handouts then. Many of the handouts I’d glued or paper-clipped to pages of the notebooks and I’d included my thoughts from the lesson or notes from scripture study, or tracking of my Personal Progress goals. The time and effort put into those handouts was amazing and despite the fact that they’ve aged, I remembered receiving most of them.

To the leaders today that wonder if their efforts are even noticed – they are. They might not be as appreciated until later in life, but they make all the difference in the world. I was surprised that I could remember getting most of the handouts and could recall when I did most of the journaling in those little books. I laughed at some of the things I wrote, but I’m convinced that handouts and notebooks and all that still make a huge impact even though we live in a society where technology is the in thing.

That said, preparing lessons and handouts takes time, and that’s something that isn’t always available each week. If you’re looking for a quick way to save time, using the Come Follow Me Lesson Handouts might be the answer. I’ve decided to put together a monthly kit of handouts and it’s been the best experience for me – because as I spend the time designing, I get to study the Come Follow Me topics and my testimony grows as well!

What’s Inside

Each Come Follow Me Handout package includes:

  • between 5-7 handouts in each kit
  • each coordinates with one of the weekly questions that are outlined in the Come Follow Me Curriculum outlined by the Church. 
  • all the quotes are taken from the suggested talks or the scriptures for that week’s lesson, so you don’t have to worry about straying to far outside the outlined curriculum
  • handouts vary in size and shape, but they always print on an 8.5″ x 11″ sized paper (so you can print them easily on your home color printer) and there are always multiples on a page making it extremely cost-effective if you’re printing them for a Young Women group.

If you’re part of Young Women Leader Rockstar, you have FREE access to the Come Follow Me Lesson Handouts each month, in addition to a bunch of other helpful printables that will help you rock your Young Women Leader calling. If you’d like to purchase just this month’s handout kit you can do that in the shop. 


Because I’m loving putting these kits together, I’ve decided to offer 1 FREE printable from the kit each month. They’re designed to print on 8.5″x 11″ paper and I love printing mine on white cardstock. You can download  March’s Free Print below.

Download March Come Follow Me Lesson Freebie

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Want a Come Follow Me Study Guide for March? You can download one FREE here.