Looking for a Come Follow Me help that you can customize and use again and again? The Testimony Builder Cards are perfect and fit a wide variety of ages. Print yours and get started talking about Come Follow Me Topics at your next family dinner.

How to Use the Testimony Builder Cards

The premise for the Testimony Builder cards is simple – customize your questions on Come Follow Me, or any topic really. Then, print, cut and start talking.

Testimony Builder Cards is a great way to enhance Gospel study or discussions for pretty much anyone.

Have teenagers, little ones, or a family with a variety of ages? Customize your questions so there’s something for everyone.

Studying alone? Pick the topics that you want to cover during the week and customize your cards. Then use the cards as journal prompts or mini devotional study.

Want to encourage your seminary students or Sunday school class to prep for next week’s lesson? Customize your cards and pass individual ones out as an “assignment” for them to study and prepare to share. Or just print multiple copies of the same page and use them as bingo game of sorts during class or for them to mark off as they complete them during their personal study.

How to Customize the Testimony Builders Template

Customizing the Testimony Builders template doesn’t take any fancy software or high-level design skills. You can change the background colors of the card to add variety or to distinguish between weeks, or you can just customize the questions and print – it’s entirely up to you.

To customize the Testimony Builders Template you’ll need: