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Lesson No. 2 – Look to the Temple

Learning Question: How can I prepare to go to the temple?

Song: I Love to See the Temple/ Choose the Right

Read: Mosiah 2:1-6

What does it mean to “pitch your tent towards the temple”?

By pitching our tent towards the temple, we’re focusing our efforts on being temple worthy. We choose to do those things that will lead us back to our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Read: Look Toward Eternity by Elaine S. Dalton


What can we do to pitch our tent or prepare to go to the temple?

Use this question to start a discussion about making right choices and what is required to attend the temple. Consider showing your own temple recommend and feelings about having one if appropriate. Review the standards that are included below.

Temple Standards (taken from Sharing Time: My Gospel Standards)

I will follow Heavenly Father’s plan for me.

I will make and keep my baptismal covenants & follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

I will choose the right & repent when I make mistakes.

I will be honest with God and my fellow men.

I will not use bad language or take the Lord’s name in vain.

I will keep the Sabbath day holy.

I will honor my parents and work to strengthen my family.

I will follow the Word of Wisdom.

I will dress modestly and take care of my body.

I will listen/watch/read those things that are virtuous lovely and of good report.

I will seek good friends and encourage those around me to do what is right.

I will live worthy to go to the temple and make covenants with Heavenly Father.


 Come to the Temple Lessons for Children, Youth, & Families | Meridian Idaho Temple Dedication | LDS Temple | FREE LDS Printables

Activity – Pitch Your Tent and Temple Standards

The files for the Pitch Your Tent & Gospel Standards activities are included in the link below. Consider taking a drive down to the temple grounds if possible as part of this lesson. Taking pictures of each young women or child looking towards the temple might be a great way to remind them of the discussion on Temple Standards and their commitment to living so that they can enter the temple.

Download the Pitch Your Tent & Temple Standards printables

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