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Learning Question: Why do we have temples?

Song: Families Can Be Together Forever/ The Hearts of the Children

How do temples differ from other church buildings?

Video: Mormon Temples

What ordinances take place in the temple and what do they mean?

Family ties are eternal. Temples have and are being built around the world so that we can make covenants with God and be tied to our family and ancestors forever. President Russell M. Nelson has taught,

“Our children, grandchildren, and all our great grandchildren are linked in love. They are also linked in love to our ancestors. Those links, welded through sacred ordinances, lead to the exaltation of our families.

Ordinances and covenants that take place in the temple help to bind us together as eternal families. Ordinances that happen in the temple include Baptisms for the Dead, the Endowment (read under Places of Learning), and celestial marriage/sealing (read under Places of Learning).

What are ordinances?

An ordinance is a sacred act performed by priesthood authority or God’s power. The ordinances are performed by priesthood authority or God’s power. Read more about Ordinances

What are covenants?

A covenant is a sacred agreement between God and a person or group of people. Read more about Covenants

How do the things that happen in the temple create ties that bind?

Each of the events that happen in the temple are done through the Priesthood. Priesthood power is God’s power, and those that have been given this authority act in His name. Because God is eternal and His power is as well, the things we do through the Priesthood are everlasting and God recognizes them as eternal and everlasting. This allows us to be tied to our families forever.

Come to the Temple Lessons | Meridian Idaho Temple Dedication | FREE Lesson Plans for Youth & Families | FREE Activity Printables for every lesson

Activity – Countdown Chain

The files for the countdown chain are included in the download below. Usually countdown chains have a link torn off each day until the event. To be symbolic of the “ties that bind”, as well as all the hard work that has gone into the building of the temple, the temple open house and the cultural celebration; add a link to your chain each day after reading the scripture or quote as a family. Use your favorite picture of the temple and build your chain from there, or download a cute FREE print with a great quote about the blessings of the temple in this post. 

Download the Temple Countdown Chain

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You’ll find each of the 4 lessons listed below. Each link provides you with a lesson outline that can be used in preparation for the Meridian, Idaho Temple Dedication:

Come to the Temple Lessons – Welcome

Temple Lesson No. 1 – Ties That Bind

Temple Lesson No. 2 – Look to the Temple

Temple Lesson No. 3 – Turning Hearts Through Family History

Temple Lesson No. 4 – This is the House of the Lord