There’s something about the back to school season and the oncoming of Fall that makes me feel like I should start something new. I used to love starting off a new school year as a student – fresh notebooks, sharp pencils, and a brand new backpack. I also loved the idea that we were starting new classes, learning new things, and taking on new projects and goals. I’m a sucker for New Year Resolutions, so lets be honest, setting mid-year or back to school year resolutions sounds completely appealing to my goal-setting self.

Now that I don’t do the school thing anymore, I’m secretly a little jealous of all those new school supplies and getting into a new routine, but I still am relishing in the change of pace and the increase of quiet moments that I can think and get things done. In those quiet moments, I’ve decided that I want to spend a little more time filling my own cup. I’m still fairly new at the momma game, but I’m learning quickly that little ones and our sweet husbands depend on us in so many ways and that if we’re not careful, we end up on empty with nothing to give.

So this school year I’m taking on a more deliberate and mindful study of the Book of Mormon and to please my goal-setting self I put together this reading chart to help me keep track of my efforts. There are so many ways to study the scriptures, here are just a few I’ve tried or heard great things about:

  • focus on a keyword and look for it in your reading each day (i.e. charity, love, or even Christ)
  • mark Christlike attributes
  • read for time (spending even just a few minutes reading God’s word every day will help you stay close to Him)
  • read a set number of chapters or verses every day
  • choose one area in your life where you’d like to improve or need answers- look for aspects that apply as you read
  • read with an open mind, jot down thoughts, ideas and inspiration in a small journal

If you’re like me, it’s always more fun to take on a new challenge with a friend. These trackers are perfect for sharing with others – print off one for yourself and give the other to a close friend or family member. These are also great to print off and challenge your Visiting Teachees or Young Women Girls to dive into the scriptures. There are Personal Progress and Honor Bee trackers available in the shop.


Download your FREE 4×6 Book of Mormon Reading Chart

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So how are you studying your scriptures? How do you fill your cup? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.