This guided study of  The Apostasy & The Restoration  corresponds perfectly with the Come Follow Me curriculum for LDS Youth. Use this guide for building your testimony, preparing youth for weekly lessons, Personal Progress goals, or a women’s scripture study group. 

Come Follow Me Scripture Study Guide | April - The Apostasy & The Restoration| LDS | Young Women | LDS Printables | Prickly Pear Design Co.

April’s Come Follow Me Topic is The Apostasy & The Restoration. My hope is that the study guide will be an additional help for youth and leaders alike to prepare for the weekly lessons. Each page contains a different question from the curriculum and the corresponding talks, articles, and scriptures. With plenty of space to jot down notes while you study, there are also journal prompts at the bottom of each page of the guide.

Want to read more about why I created the Come Follow Me Study Guide? You can read the backstory here.

Come Follow Me Scripture Study Guide | April - The Apostasy & The Restoration| LDS | Young Women | LDS Printables | Prickly Pear Design Co.

Download the Come Follow Me Study Guide for April – The Apostasy & The Restoration

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Tips for Printing

There are 2 options when it comes to printing. When you open the PDF you’ll notice that the pages are 8.5″ x 11″ when printed at full size. I love this for my personal study guide, because I want lots of space. I simply print the pages back to back and then staple them together and tuck them in my scripture journal. But I recognize that it might be a little more cost effective if you’re printing these off for your Young Women or a study group if you print them in booklet form. So here’s how that works.

  1. Download the file and open it in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Select Print and the Print options box will appear.
  3. Select Booklet  under Page Sizing & Handling.
  4. Booklet Subset should be set to “both sides”, sheets should be set to the entire page range, and the binding to “left”. (You can check how it will look when printed by clicking through the displayed image on the right hand side of the Print options box.)
  5. Then click print.

Tip: My color printer is a photo printer and doesn’t have the option to print back to back. You can still print it in booklet form, but you’ll have to be sneaky and hand feed the pages one at a time (if you have a photo printer that works like this, chances are you already know how to do this without too much effort). If I’m in a great big hurry or want to save on color ink, I simply print my booklet in grayscale on my laser printer which provides the back to back option. 


Will you join me in studying? I’d love to have you share in the comments below!

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