Since my oldest turned 2, it seems like a lot of our life has been measured with some type of a countdown. We’ve had to practice patience for just about everything it seems and have instituted paper chains, marking days off a calendar, stickers on a chart, and so on. Her little mind and overflowing excitement seems to understand a visual form of tracking time; and to be honest, it makes waiting for fun things and exciting events and holidays a lot more… well, exciting.  When we added out son into the mix it was even more fun to watch our daughter explain to him how it was all going to work. Obviously as a newborn, the whole idea was just sweet to watch as she jabbered on and told him to be excited. Now that he’s older, his excitement is just added to hers and I love that they love the build-up – it seems like it helps them understand the value or importance of whatever we’re working towards.

That said, I love how SugarBee Crafts has implemented Christ-centered activities into an Easter Egg Advent. And I love that it’s only a week long – perfect for my little ones who can’t seem to last as long as the older kids do. (And the best part is that each day she has ideas for how to gear the activities up or down for older and younger kiddos).

easter eggs closeup WEB

She’s thought of everything and put it together in a format that’s simple to put together and to keep track of. In fact, she’s even included an Easter Week Activity Advent list for mom so that you’ve got a heads up of what’s going on for the week instead of trying to remember just exactly what you put into egg #5. (My husband loves having a heads up as well – so I know he’ll love it when I post the list on the back of our bedroom door so the kids don’t sneak a peek)

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Each of the activities is Christ focused – there’s a chronology game focusing on the events that happened to Jesus leading up to the Resurrection, a FHE idea to perform a service for someone, family discussion prompts, scripture searches, videos (links are provided for where to access them online), journaling activities, and a fun treat to make together – Resurrection Rolls.

All you need to do is find and number eggs; print, cut and stuff strips into the correct eggs; find a branch to create your advent tree, and then print off the journaling prompt pages and activity schedule so you’re ready for the week.

If you’re not familiar with Resurrection Rolls, this is a quick treat that seems perfect for either Easter Sunday or to make on the Saturday before Easter. We put together a similar recipe last year with our 4 year old daughter and it seemed to solidify the concept of the Resurrection for her. She saw the pictures as I was writing this post and was excited that we’re planning to do them again this year.

Easter Resurrection Rolls final WEB

All you need is melted butter, cinnamon sugar mixture, large marshmallows, and a tube of crescent rolls. Dip your marshmallows in the butter, cinnamon sugar mixture, and then place on your crescent roll and the fold the dough around the covered marshmallow and bake. You’ll have a sweet treat that appears like an empty tomb to eat when they’re done.

Easter Resurrection Rolls WEB


I hope you enjoy the simplicity of the Easter Advent and the strong spirit that I know it will bring to your home as you focus on the Savior this Easter Season. I’d love to see how your advent tree turns out – snap a pic and share on social media using the hashtag #Hallelujah – we’d love to have you join us in celebrating Christ’s life and Resurrection.


Download the Easter Egg Advent Printables from SugarBee Crafts

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