I think we’ve all been there. The days seem long and our to do list is longer. For me, I had just picked up my 5 year old from school and she was happily chattering in the back seat while we headed to the grocery store. Shopping was something I was supposed to get done before school pick-up and I was flirting with disaster by pushing up against nap time for my 2 year old.

We headed into the store and started off on our long list of items, my 5 year old still talking happily about everything they did at school that day, and then she said something that made me stop in my tracks. Actually, she sang it. (She attends a Christian school in our area, so hearing things about Jesus from school isn’t uncommon for us). “Thank you God for who I am, I don’t have to be a Superman.” There I was in the grocery store, feeling blah and wishing that I was doing more amazing things…and she was reminding me that I was enough, and to be grateful for it.

I think far too often, it’s easier to get sucked into whatever it is – kids, a career, the perfect house, the corner office, the PTA, the perfect body, or just about anything. And despite the fact that any of those can be worthy pursuits, the one thing we should know and do for sure is be women of God. I designed this quote years ago, but it’s message is just as strong and meaningful as it was the day I originally heard it.

“We are not women of the world. We are women of God. And Women of God will be among the greatest heroines of the 21st century.” – Sheri L. Dew.

I don’t have to be a superman.

But I will be one of the greatest heroines of the 21st century, because the one thing I’m focused on is being a Women of God.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, be sure of this. As Women of God, we can do anything.


If you’re like me and are wanting a reminder of just who you are and what you’re about, you can download your own 8×10 of Sister Dew’s awesome statement here. Pick your favorite color & print. Have a friend or Visiting Teachee that needs a boost?  This printable makes the perfect gift!