Get prepared for August’s Visiting Teaching message by putting together this simple and FREE download. Simply print, cut, and color. Don’t forget to call your sisters and schedule your appointments! 

FREE Relief Society Visiting Teaching Printable for August 2017 | LDS Women | Living A Consecrated Life | Prickly Pear Design Co.

The Visiting Teaching Message for August 2017 is Living A Consecrated Life. I often wonder if what I have detailed on my calendar and on my to list will help me be a better person. Are they just details or are they details that are going to make a difference? More importantly, is what I have on my list today help in further the Lord’s work, no matter how small my part may be?

As a mom, I sometimes think that laundry and dishes, and playing chauffeur aren’t really all that consecrated work. But when we think of the impact it will have on those we serve, and if we think about the covenants we make that bind us together as eternal families, I’m reassured that those little details aren’t just meaningless stuff but rather consecrated efforts to be the person God wants me to be and to build a family he wants me to.  What an amazing thought! And the best part, it’s true for any aspect of life we may be living right now!

Elder Robert D. Hales taught:

When we make and keep covenants, we are coming out of the world and into the kingdom of God.

Sister Carole M. Stephens details this further by adding:

We are changed. We look different, and we act different. The things we listen to and read and say are different, and what we wear is different because we become daughters of God bound to Him by covenant.

This month I’m going to ask myself to focus on making those little consecrated moments something that will change me so that I look different and act different. I’m promising myself that I’ll not let the world tell me that my dish washing is small – but rather that it’s consecrated to building and serving an eternal family. Are you with me in changing your mindset? Lets do this!

Relief Society Visiting Teaching Printable for August 2017 | LDS Women | Living A Consecrated Life | Prickly Pear Design Co.

The FREE black and white files can be downloaded below and  makes for a quick and easy print that you can add a little color to yourself (whip out those markers, colored pencils, watercolors, etc) or simply provide the print with a set of colored pencils or crayons to the sisters you visit and let them DIY the quote themselves. Coloring is a great stress reliever and I’ve found that as I DIY the prints for my sisters each month, I have a few minutes to ponder the message or think about my sisters and get inspired for the visit.

The color file is great for those months where time is short (and for those that want a custom print but don’t love the DIY aspect).  If you’d like the color file, you can get it (and monthly prints for a year) by joining the Visiting Teaching Printables Club. Join the Visiting Teaching Printables Club (you’ll receive an email straight to your inbox every month that includes the color and black and white files as well as access to a bunch of printables that will make your visiting teaching calling a breeze – read more about it here) Starting this month, the files also come in different sizes as part of the RSVT Club, so you can print 2 or 4 to a page and use the smaller sizes for tags to tie on treats – perfect for quick drop-offs.


A few other ideas for these darling printables:

  • use them for a RS activity night. Let the sisters color the prints themselves at the activity.
  • drop off a black and white copy with a small box of colored pencils for your visiting teaching sisters – coloring is quite popular as a de-stresser activity.
  • use them as RS birthday gifts. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and meaningful birthday gift for your sisters – this could be it!
  • print one off for yourself if you’re looking for a cute & simple craft for yourself or as part of a night with your girlfriends.

Download the August Black & White Visiting Teaching Printable

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*Once you click the download button you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen that will have a link to your free file. 

The printable’s finished size is 5″ x 7″ and prints 2 two a page so you’ll only have to print a sheet or two and then take just a moment to trim the edges. You get to add whatever colors you’d like – I dusted off my watercolor set and got to work. Tip: Even your child’s water set will do. To create shading,  simply watercolor the images and let them dry. Then pat the excess water off your brush before loading it with paint – then create your accents toward the centers of the leaves and let dry again. 

I’d love to see how your quote printables turn out! Snap a picture and share them on Instagram!

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Relief Society Visiting Teaching Club Printable for August 2017 | LDS Women | Living A Consecrated Life | Prickly Pear Design Co.