Today I’m posting over on the Sugardoodle blog but I wanted you to have a chance at these cute art printables, included in The Living Christ Study Journal packet,  as well for the Easter season. They’re filled with spring florals and colors  but that doesn’t mean they’re only good for Easter decor, they’re Christ centered and can easily be given or displayed anytime of year.

PricklyPearDesignCo Living Christ Printables 2

If you’re wanting to gift just the prints or frame and hang them in your home, I’ve created a larger size that’s perfect for printing off on your color printer at home or sending to your local copy shop.

Download The Living Christ themed 8×10 art prints

from Prickly Pear Design Co.

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PricklyPearDesignCo Living Christ Printables 1


If you’re looking to download the journal pages, hop on over to the Sugardoodle blog and pick up the file for free. Enjoy!

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