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Summer is here and that means Girls Camp is too! It’s been years since I went to camp but I still can picture the huge lodge and all the fun we had singing camp songs, cooking over the fire to complete our certification, and the nightly good night song and happy grams that the stake staff would deliver before we turned in.

That said, if you’re going to camp, or even if you’re not – why not print off these cute and free postcards and write a few to your favorite Young Women. Or print them off in bulk and have them available for the campers to send to each other if you’ve got happy gram buckets as part of your plan for camp this year.

Two of my close friends are involved with camp this year. One is having a baby right on top of girls camp – so she’s sending her notes with the other leaders and having them pass them out to the girls once camp is in full swing. The other friend is part of the stake staff and is taking a stack  of postcards she’s planning to write to the girls when inspiration strikes. Even if you’re a mom sending girls off – these notes are perfect to stuff in their bag as a reminder that you’re missing them but wishing them a good time all the same.

Download Camp Postcards

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The postcards print two to a page and are 4×6 inches in size. There are 4 colors and 2 designs to choose from. Print as many as you’d like – but remember to share the love, not the file – send your friends back here to get a file all their own!

Happy Camping!