When I started designing for the 2017 theme kits I was intending to release just one design. But each of the 4 designs I’ve released came together easily so I just kept it up thinking that one would start to move ahead and come out the clear winner. When that never really started to happen, I asked my husband which he preferred and he responded with “they’re good… just do all of them.”

So I went with it. 2017 marks four years of designing mutual theme kits and I’ve loved every minute of it. I love seeing where everyone is from that downloads the freebies and getting the occasional email with pictures from an event where the printables were used. I always smile when I go to a different church building and pass the Young Women’s room to see one of my designs hanging on the bulletin board. It sounds ridiculous, but friends… it seriously makes my day.

I’ve been amazed by the response I’ve had already to the 2017 Theme kits. It seems early, but I wanted to get them up so you all could start planning when you wanted to and I was just itching to design when I heard that the scripture was James 1:5-6. I love that verse and the little sprout in the blue pot was born as part of those initial sketches.

Just the other day, I was standing in line at the copy shop and one of you was standing in front of me with a stack of posters in her hand. As she checked out, my daughter noticed the little blue pot and whispered excitedly, “momma, it’s your pot!”. When the nice woman turned at the commotion my daughter said”my momma drew that” with a huge grin. (I hope she can always be that proud of me.) To my surprise the woman said, “I’m not Mormon, but our church youth could benefit from the encouragement of this little pot so I just had to buy it, ” she continued, “I only wish it was in the budget to give them each a copy to have for themselves.”

I’ve received quite a few comments on the blog and emails from you all hoping that the Blue Potted Seedling would be available as a freebie. I didn’t initially include it because it seemed more natural to include the entire verse in each of the designs, but secretly that little potted seedling has always my favorite. After hearing that kind woman’s wish I knew in my heart that if for no other reason than to promote missionary work and encourage all to seek God, the Little Blue Potted Seedling would be my next freebie. So many of you have asked, and I’ve so appreciated your kind words and encouragement of my little business… so here you go… lets encourage everyone we know to “Ask of God, Ask in Faith” .

Download the 5×7 2017 Mutual Theme Blue Potted Seedling Print

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