Happy Wednesday! The past week has been busy – I’ve heard from many of you about the exciting things you’re planning for your young women this upcoming year and I’m so excited and honored that so many of you are using the YW 2014 Theme Kit.   One of the freebies that I released towards the end of 2013, was the theme poster in a 4×6 size along with sharing the idea to give the 4×6 in a cute freestanding Ikea frame as a gift to your Young Women. Since then, I’ve gotten quite a few notes asking if I had plans to add more cards and if they might include the monthly themes that are part of the Come Follow Me curriculum.

You’ve inspired me to get designing…and I hope you can put them to use! Here’s how it will work. Download the file below and send it to your favorite local photo shop (I love using Costco or Sam’s Club). *Just a little side note: If you open the file you’ll see that the size is actually larger than a 4×6; however the size matches the resolution requirements that these photo shops use for this photo size. Printing them as photos, rather than color copies is by far the cheaper option. And who doesn’t like something that cute and cost-effective?

One of the things that I love the most about these cards is the bulleted list that includes ideas from the “Live What We Are Learning” section of the lessons. I hope it helps remind the girls to apply their testimony of each month’s theme and acts as a reminder to work on their Personal Progress.


4×6 January 2014 Theme – The Godhead

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Wondering when and how you can get the other monthly theme cards? Here’s how it will work. On the 15th of every month the next month’s theme card will be released. That way you’ll have plenty of time to visit the site, download the card, and get your cards printed. So mark your calendar, or subscribe to my site, or like my facebook page so you’ll get the reminder to stop by and get another freebie from MOBOH!