Happy Holidays! It may be a little early, but this marks the last of the 2014 theme cards and a good time for me to send my holiday wishes to those of you that have been visiting regularly to pick up these monthly freebies. I hope they’ve been a help in your YW groups and that you and your girls have enjoyed them.  I’ve had several ask if I’ll be continuing the Monthly Theme cards in 2015.

YES! I’ve loved creating them this year and am starting work on 2015 designs already. That said, I’ll be changing up the look a bit so that  your YW have a fresh new look on the monthly themes. January’s card will release before the the first of the year, so be sure to check back here, or subscribe to the YW newsletter (the subscription box is back on the homepage). Also, this week I’ll be sending out a newsletter with updates on YW products in my shop and some great sales you’ll want to take advantage of!

And now, for December’s theme card!




December’s focus is Building the Kingdom of God in the Latter Days. If you’re new to the MOBOH monthly theme cards here’s how it works:
Download the file below and send it to your favorite local photo shop (I love using Costco or Sam’s Club). *Just a little side note: If you open the file you’ll see that the size is actually larger than a 4×6; however the size matches the resolution requirements that these photo shops use for this photo size. Printing them as photos, rather than color copies is by far the cheaper option. And who doesn’t like something that’s cute and cost-effective?

DEC2014 YW Theme Card MOBOHjpg

One of the things that I love the most about these cards is the bulleted list that includes ideas from the “Live What We Are Learning” section of the lessons. I hope it helps remind the girls to apply their testimony of each month’s theme and acts as a reminder to work on their Personal Progress.

Download 4×6 YW December 2014 Monthly Theme Card

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Wondering when and how you can get the next monthly theme cards? On the 15th of every month the next month’s theme card will be released. That way you’ll have plenty of time to visit the site, download the card, and get your cards printed. So mark your calendar, or subscribe to my site, or like my facebook page so you’ll get the reminder to stop by and get another freebie from MOBOH!

Do you need a creative way to display your theme cards? You’ll find a cute idea here.