Looking for a simple and fun way to keep notes while you listen to General Conference? Grab the free file and get ready for inspiration.

I totally cave when it comes to cute stationary and note-taking supplies. Why have only one pen, when having a bunch of them in different colors is possible? Yep, that would be me.

If you’re getting geared up for General Conference or even if you’re sitting down and getting ready to study the talks when they’ve come out in next month’s Ensign – these simple study sheets are a great way to keep track of all you’re learning.

There are 5 colors to choose from, so you can print only your favorite colors, print them all or stick with the ever reliable black and white format.

The notes page includes several key features – letting you listen more for the words and messages that were meant directly for you. There are 5 separate sections to fill out for each talk.

  1. Vertical ribbon that includes a spot for the speaker and talk name. If you’re studying the printed messages you’ll have access to the talk title, if you’re taking notes live try the following… listen to the entire talk, then you give it a title. I’ve tried this in my scripture study and it’s fun to see what messages really stood out based on the titles I’ve given the chapters as I go back and review.
  2. Favorite quote: pick out a key phrase that stuck out to you. Reviewing these quotes when you’re needing some inspiration is a guaranteed pick-me-up.
  3. Notes column. The traditional set of lines to jot notes and phrases while you listen or study.
  4. 3 Key Points. Review your notes and pull out 3 key points that you heard during the talk. This is a perfect spot for personal revelation.
  5. Put it to Action. Revelation is only good when you put it to action. So jot down a few next steps that will help you get moving in the right direction.

Want to grab your own file – you can, below.



General Conferences Note Page Printable


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