PPDC YW 2017 Simple Sprout Mutual Theme Presidency Organization Kit | LDS Printables | DIY Design


It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that I cracked open a brand new planner at the beginning of January and got to work making plans and organizing life. How we got to September I don’t know – but 2017 is sneaking up on us and it’s just about time to get things refreshed for another great year of activities and such for Young Women with the Young Women 2017 Presidency Binder Kits. 

Floral Binder Kit | Watercolor Sprout Binder Kit  | Natural Wreath Binder Kit

This round I went crazy and did 3 separate designs – each I fell in love with. You can read more about the Mutual Theme Kits here (and pick up your 4×6 freebies of each design!), or check out and purchase the kits by clicking below.

Grey Floral | White Floral | Watercolor Sprout | Natural Wreath

There are only 3 Presidency Binder Kits available – if you purchased one of the Floral theme kits, the Floral Presidency Binder Kit has both the grey and white floral options for the binder covers and spines.

If you’re looking for something stylish, but that is also extremely cost-effective, then the YW Presidency Organization Kit is a great find. The kit includes lots of templates you can use again and again and many of them are black and white so you can keep your costs low; plus, the black and white templates make a great foundation for adding a little color to your planning and making the look all your own. So pick up a few rolls of washi tapes or colored gel pens the next time you hit the stationary store or the Dollar Spot at Target.

The 2017 organization kit includes:

  • Binder covers & spines for a binder up to 2″ in size (trim to fit binders smaller than 2″)
  • Monthly calendar template – use it over and over again!
  • Project Planning template – perfect for New Beginnings, Camp & Evening of Excellence Planning
  • Birthday Calendar Template – keep track of girls & leaders birthdays
  • YW Presidency & Class Presidency Meeting Agendas
  • Binder dividers  – the tabs are included as part of the print, so all you’ll need to do is cut, fill out the tab, and laminate to make them extra sturdy!
  • Sunday YW meeting  conducting template


Printing Details

All the files included in the kit are PDFs and can be printed at home or at any print shop. Simply print, trim, glue and punch as needed and you’ll be all set.

Each of the files included in this set can be printed on 8.5 x 11 paper, EXCEPT for the binder covers and spines. The binder and spine files are 11×17 to accommodate for the custom binder sizing. The covers and spines will fit up to a 2″ binder. Simply print and then trim the top and bottom of  the images down to size for your binder cover/spine.

With all my files  I try to consider the cost to print. Budget friendly files come in handy when you’re printing for a bunch of young women. Sometimes that means you might have a few extra – feel free to share them with a friend or save them for later on in the year.


DIY Binder Dividers 

I recommend printing the patterned pages for the dividers and binder covers & spines on white card stock. Then all you need to do is trim the binder spines and covers to fit your binder, and cut, fill out tabs, laminate, and punch the divider pages.


If you send your files to a copy shop you may have a friendly staff member as about your rights to reproduce this work. Just smile. And refer them to the mice type at the bottom of the files that say it’s for personal or church use only. You’re welcome to print as many as you need as long as it’s not for profit or contest giveaways and such.

A printing tip – sometimes copy shop workers mean to be incredibly helpful and hit the “print to fit” button your files. I’ve set the files up to print on the papers specified above. Just tell them to print on the appropriate paper sizes and you’re prints should turn out just fine.

I’m kind of a geek when it comes to planners and getting organized so I’d love to see how your presidency binders turn out. Feel free to snap a pic and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #pricklypeardesignco or upload a pic to our Facebook timeline at Facebook.com/pricklypeardesignco.