I got a new church calling! I just finished my third week as the new CTR 5 teacher in Primary and I love these kids and their gigantic spirits! They are so eager to learn and so full of energy. The one thing I figured I needed for sure was more activities for our lesson – better to be over prepared, right?

This past week was on Gratitude. Without the seasonal helps (Thanksgiving) I found myself trying to think of something that would help make what we learned memorable and also find a way to challenge the kids to find things to be thankful for throughout the week.  Inspiration struck as I was browsing through a friend’s Pinterest boards… and the Gratitude Monster was born. (Inspiration for this little guy came from here. )

To keep it cost effective (read that as, I used what I had on hand or could purchase at the $1 store – large google eyes), I stuck with construction paper in primary colors. The teeth and the horns were free-handed, but I used my Fiskars circle cutter for the other pieces.  Most of my class are energy-filled little boys, but for the girls I just swapped out pink and purple for the green and blue.

They used their creativity when it came to gluing the pieces on to their monster and then I put my middle school poetry learning to use and came up with the following rhyme.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 4.15.13 PM

 Gratitude Monster Poem

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If you’re wondering if I’ll continue my YW ideas, the answer is a definite yes. I’m anxiously awaiting the announcement of the 2015 theme and brainstorming some new additions that I think will make the kit even more useful! (Plus, my sister’s new calling as YW president in her ward will definitely keep me in the loop – I love hearing what they’re up to and helping her work on the design side of her ideas.) That said, I’m thinking that a Primary kit for 2015 is definitely in order – so spread the word to your Primary friends!