If you’ve got little ones doing hybrid school or homeschool this semester, you’ll want to snag these FREE printable worksheets.

I can imagine that many readers landing on this post are in the same boat as I am – a mom, who also doubles as a teacher from time to time. Whether it’s entirely by choice (homeschool) OR more by circumstance (thank you pandemic for this unexpected blessing!) you might be needing a few tricks to help you out – I know I do!

I’ve got younger kiddos, more specifically a kindergartener who’s practicing his letters and numbers. His teacher is a rockstar at sending home worksheets and such BUT I found that we’re needing a little extra time with our handwriting skills (specifically those numbers…) and I figured why not fill at least a few minutes of our home time with some writing practice.

I went on the hunt for road paper and found 2 things – it still comes in that grey color and has that soft but grainy texture that I haven’t been able to forget since I was in grade school and it’s neither cheap or easy to come by (again, thank you pandemic). So I decided to solve my mom troubles and just make my own – of course, I omitted the weird color and texture, this is 2020 after all.

I know that road paper can come in varying sizes, but I took measurements from the work my kindergartener was bringing home from his class as well as what I found to be fairly common on the internet. And with that – I had road paper I could print at home in color or black and white… and a numbers writing worksheet that I could share.

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Road Paper & Numbers Worksheet

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