Helping Youth Build a Rock Solid Testimony | LDS | Young Women | Prickly Pear Design Co.

This past week I’ve been studying Conference talks and I’m getting excited for the next round in April! That said, the words that were spoken last Conference are just as meaningful and insightful for me now as they were then. One talk stood out to me in particular as I was reading – Lest Thou Forget by Elder Ronald A. Rasband. He said,

I encourage you to recall, especially in times of crisis, when you felt the Spirit and your testimony was strong; remember the spiritual foundations you have built.

I wanted to fist-pump as I read that because it’s perfect advice for any of us going through trials – “rely on the times that your testimony was strong”. Elder Rasband suggests a few key ideas we can implement to help our youth remember the spiritual foundations they’ve built. Simply remind them that:

  • they are  “a son or daughter of a loving Father in Heaven and that His love remains constant.”
  • that “Jesus Christ knows about fierce struggles and trials. He gave His life for us…His sacrifice for each one of us was the ultimate expression of His pure love.”
  • “No mistake, sin, or choice will change God’s love for us… Heavenly Father knows and loves each of [us], and He is always ready to help.”

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