Looking for a great way to add a little fall to your home decor or spread a little pumpkin love? This cute printable can go all out Halloween or just be added to your normal fall decor – plus you can make them into a tag or card as well!

Hey There Pumpkin Treat Wrap

Who doesn’t need a new piece of fall decor? We all do! I’ll be honest, I think there tends to be two camps when it comes to fall decor – those that love Halloween and go all out, and those that stay the more traditional route. I do know a few that do both, and when I asked them how they do it all they all told me about the same thing – look for versatile pieces!

So that’s exactly what I started doing and today I’m sharing a fall art print that easily goes with Halloween and the more traditional look AND it can easily double for a tag, notecard or bread wrap. Best part… it’s FREE!

Make Something Cute in 30 Minutes or Less

Here’s what you need to start putting these files to use:

  • Color Printer or a Favorite copy place (like Staples)
  • White cardstock (8.5″x11″ for prints, cards, & tags and 8.5″x14″ for bread wrap – not needed at all though if you’re sending them off to a copy place!)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ribbon or twine (optional)
  • Frame (for art prints)

If you’re printing the art prints, you’ve got 2 sizes to choose from – 8″x10″ or 5″x7″ this black frame was originally silver and came from the $1 store but I spruced it up with some black spray paint I had laying around. Never underestimate spray paint right?

If you’re printing the 5″x7″ be sure to pick up a frame for you and another for a friend – these print 2 to a page. However, the 5″x7″ print can also be cut in half to create a tag, or folded in half to create a card… so you’ve got that option as well.

If you’re printing the bread wrap you can do so on either white paper or cardstock. The size on the bread is larger so it can accommodate going all the way around your bread loaf. Simply trim on the grey lines, wrap around your yummy sweet bread of choice and tape the ends together for a snug fit.

I prefer cardstock for this because it holds up a bit better with it’s stiffer weight, but plain old copy weight paper will work too. I’m sure you’re probably thinking… who seriously has 8.5″x14″ paper? I do. But I’ve found that I have enough odd projects that use this size to keep it around (like placemats for family meals and coloring sheets) and that it doesn’t really cost that much. However, if you’re in a bind you could just print this page on 8.5″x11″ and trim both bread wraps to make one longer wrap – I won’t tell, and I’ll admit I’ve done this in a pinch myself.

I’d like to say that I slaved away making the pumpkin bread in the photo, but if you took off the bread wrap you’d find that I actually just purchased a few loaves of my favorite pumpkin bread from Kneaders. I decided that this would be the perfect ministering sister drop off for the season and was thrilled that the whole thing took me only 30 minutes to complete (including door drops) and cost about $8-10. Yay for the cute, thoughtful and easy as pumpkin pie wins!

You can download all the files by filling out the form below:

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Hey Pumpkin Fall Print


Hey There Pumpkin

Art Print, Bread Wrap & Note Card

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