This short tutorial will have you uploading fonts to your computer and using them in your favorite graphic design or word processing software in 10 minutes or less.

One of the most frequently asked questions I have from new design students and readers is how to get fonts on their computer. If you’re new to the design world, it probably seems like a huge task to find a font and get it on your computer, but the truth is – it’s really rather easy.

You’ll find easy to follow instructions below:

How to Download & Install a Font on Your Computer

  1. Google “Monserrat font”
  2. Select Montserrat – Google Fonts from the list of results or click the link
  3. Select the + Select This Font in the upper right corner of the screen
  4. Scroll to the bottom right of the screen and expand the black bar
  5. Click the red dropdown arrow in the top right corner of the pop up screen
  6. Once the download is complete you should be able to find the zip file or folder in the download section on your computer
  7. Select all the font files and double click. To deselect any of the files, simply hold down the shift key and then click on the files that are highlighted but you wish to exclude (i.e. the license or instructions file that comes with the font)
  8. Then click “install font” on each of the pop up windows that appear.
  9. You may need to refresh your word processing or graphic design software, but the newly installed font should appear and be ready to use!

If you’re a PC user, don’t worry – the process to download and install a font on your computer is fairly similar. If you’d like a tutorial to follow, I recommend this one my design students who are working on a PC: