Use the Canva Color Palette Ideas tool when you’re prepping for your next graphic design project or wanting to get inspired. These pre-picked color palettes are sure to spark creativity!

It seems like when you’re just starting out in graphic design, picking out color palettes and font choices is hard to do. Being able to select good fonts and pair colors well does come with time, but I love sharing ideas with new designers that will help them quickly up their game. Because honestly, creating good design is just more fun than being stuck with something that doesn’t have the wow factor.

So lets talk colors and how to pick palettes that pop!

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Using the Canva Color Palette Ideas Tool

Don’t want to click through the video to find that “one part”? Me neither… here’s the written instructions I cover in the video:

  1. Bookmark this page or search “Canva Color Palette Ideas” in your web browser
  2. Type in a color, theme or keyword in the search box (some of the examples we use are Christmas, holiday, oceans, light blue, etc.)
  3. Scroll through the samples and find one you like.
  4. Select the palette you like & jot down the hex codes (the # and 6 numbers that follow) or screenshot the image and drop it into your Canva design.

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