Canva isn’t just a great way to create designs for your business, work & life, it provides you with awesome tools that can help make your designs better. Learn how to use the Canva Color Wheel for your next design project.

One of the fun parts of working in design is picking colors for your project. However, I’ve heard many of my students tell me that picking colors is one of the hardest parts when they first start out. I totally get that – there are a lot of moving parts and things to consider when you’re first getting started in design. My recommendation is finding and using the awesome resources out there that will help you with color – and Canva provides! (I also believe that learning or brushing up on your knowledge of Color Theory is a huge help – and you can get the crash course here!)

This week, I’ll be showcasing the different color tools Canva provides that you might not be aware of AND how they can help you pick great color palettes faster for your next project!

Here’s what we’ll be covering when it comes to Canva and color:

How to Use the Canva Color Wheel – (you’re here!)

How to Use the Canva Color Palette Generator

Using the Canva Color Palette Ideas Tool for Your Next Project

Be sure to check back and read through these other posts -these are tools you’ll want to try out and put to use in your next designs!

Using the Canva Color Wheel

I’ve been using and teaching Canva for quite a while now and it wasn’t until just recently that I heard about the Canva Color Wheel. To be honest, I was kind of surprised that it’s kind of hidden – it’s a great tool and something I think they should feature in some way within their design interface. Here’s how it works:

Don’t want to skip back through the video to remember that “one part”? Here’s a written step by step to refer to:

  1. To access the Color Canva Wheel you’ll want to bookmark this page or you can simply search Canva Color Wheel in your search bar
  2. Start by selecting a color.
  3. Then decide what Color options you’d like to include – complimentary, tetradic, monochromatic, etc.
  4. Take a screenshot of your color wheel & be sure to include the hex codes below the color palette (i.e. # and 6 numbers)
  5. Create a design in Canva and upload your screenshot
  6. Go to Elements > Shapes and select a circle or shape of your choice. Duplicate it if needed so you have a shape for each color in your palette.
  7. Select the shape > Top Right Corner to select the colored square
  8. In the color panel, select the rainbow square with the + inside
  9. Type in the hex code and hit enter. Repeat for the other colors in your palette.

Learn More About Color

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