Looking for a way to stay productive or provide something to do during those long summer days? The Keepin’ Busy Bingo Card is great for summer fun & youth groups. Download a printable file or get access to a template so you can customize the ideas to your liking…

We’re finally done with online school and I’ll be honest, these last several weeks have thrown us a curveball when it comes to things to do for youth group activities and even just around here at home.

One of the great ideas our youth leadership came up with was Keepin’Busy Bingo. Each youth received a bingo board in their mailbox the day we were to meet along with a little treat. That night in our Zoom call we introduced the board – those that completed a bingo would get bragging rights and props at our next meet up and anyone that completed a black out would get a treat (read that as: king-sized candy of their choice).

My own kiddos were slightly jealous of the fact that this was only for the youth (they’re still in Primary). So I edited some of the items on the board and we’re kicking it off here in our family now that we’re done with school. When we hit black out we get to do something really fun like a movie or trip to the waterpark (hopefully things will be open enough for us to do by then!) and individual bingos are fun things that we can do here at home – like making homemade ice cream, having a cookout, sleeping on the trampoline, etc.

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If you want an editable version of the bingo card template – so you can tweak the different ideas or make them entirely your own – I’ve got you covered. Simply click the link below and you’ll get access to the bingo card template in Canva. From there all you’ll need to do is click on the text boxes, highlight the text and add in your own.