Looking for a cute kids Valentine idea? These Yeti Valentines are perfect – grab the template and whip up a set for your kiddo’s classroom Valentine’s party.

I just got the pink flyer announcing my kindergartener’s Valentine Day party and the need to create a Valentine mailbox. For some that might bring on a wave of panic – but we craft on the regular around here so we’re likely to hit up Pinterest for a good idea and get to work. That said, it gets to be a little much creating fun customized Valentine’s and being the grand architect for yet another year of Valentine mailboxes.

I quizzed my kiddo on what he was thinking was cool lately – maybe I could get a head start on the Valentine creating and we’d leave figuring out the box design to another day.

His response was “a yeti mom… a yeti is cool”. So yeti valentines it is!

What You Need to Create Your Yeti Valentines

Putting together these Yeti Valentines couldn’t be easier. Here’s what you’ll need to get it done:

  • white cardstock
  • access to a color printer or send the file to your favorite copy shop
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • bakers twine or ribbon
  • hole punch
  • fun Valentine’s prize or candy (both of the Valentine prizes pictured came from the holiday row at Walmart)
All Yeti Yours Classroom Valentine Idea from Prickly Pear Design Co.

After you grab your Yeti Valentine printable file you’re half way there. Pick your favorite color (pink, red, blue) and print off multiple pages OR print all 3 and mix it up. Once you’ve got your pages printed it’s time to assemble. Simply cut, punch, and tie your prize or treat to the tag – now you’re ready to go!

I love having my kiddos write their name on the bottom of their cards, so I left a little space below the Yeti to do that. With my kindergartner, we split up the number he has to write over a day or two. My 3rd grader sits and pumps them out all in one session -either way, it’s great handwriting practice!

Now it’s time to start thinking on their Valentine Mailbox designs!