Looking for a fun youth activity for your Young Women? This fun idea puts a spiritual twist on goal setting and helps us keep our sights on receiving Temple Blessings. Download the free printable files, grab some pens and cheap frames and all you need is a treat!

This idea first appeared as a guest post on Little LDS Ideas  but I wanted to share it here as well. Even thought they’ve retired the Personal Progress goals, this activity could easily be done for a fun YW activity that has a spiritual twist for goal setting. 


This past weekend the Tucson, Arizona Temple was dedicated. Arizona will always be home for me, so I celebrated with them in spirit over their new temple. Have you seen it? It’s absolutely beautiful. When it comes to temples, the Saints here in Idaho are pretty excited to. We pass the Meridian Temple almost daily and have been watching it’s progress since we moved here over a year ago.

In fact, they’ve started making announcements for help with the cultural celebration and the need for tour guides, etc. I’m always amazed when I think about all the effort and planning that has already gone into the Meridian Temple.  But the work and effort of making and completing a plan is so worth it. And the work will definitely continue as we find and prepare names to take to the temple and complete their ordinance work.

Just like the building of a temple, preparing to be a wife, mother, and the Daughter of God that our Heavenly Father wants us to be takes more than just making right choices – it also takes planning, and effort on our part.

The Personal Progress Individual Worth #4 goal focuses on making a plan for the future. It teaches Young Women that they should prepare now to fulfill a unique mission here on earth and that they can do anything they set their mind to. Despite all the many amazing things we can tackle in life, nothing really beats the goal to live worthy to attend the temple and take out your own endowments… so I created a few prints that might make completing this Personal Progress goal a little bit more fun.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this Personal Progress Idea into a Mutual Night Activity for your girls:

  • Download the files below of the Temple Blessings are Priceless print and the My Plan Worksheet
  • Ask the girls to bring their scriptures, Personal Progress book and something to write with.
  • Find cheap frames or cute washi tape to hang the prints with for the prints (8×10 and 4×6 sizes are included on the temple print)

Take a few minutes to read D&C 88:119 and discuss how each of us is unique but that we’re children of  God and benefit from making temple covenants with Him.  Then set the girls to work thinking about traits they want to develop and goals that they want to achieve during their lives. You may want to point out that worthy goals aren’t always spiritual in nature, but that they contribute to our spiritual beings – getting an education, learning a skill or trade, practicing a talent, or even traveling and learning about new cultures helps build us into the person that God wants us to become and prepare us to receive temple blessings.

To make the evening even more fun, you may want to add snacks (fresh fruit and small sandwiches, etc.) and a “future wedding” cake to the mix.  You can serve it all up with pretty napkins and punch cups and even have a moment where you “cut the cake” and handout favors.





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this file includes a PDF with an 8×10 temple print and a Temple Print & the My Plan – goals planning worksheet