This week I’ve given myself a challenge. Each day I’m giving away a printable to help boost productivity, planning, or just to get you excited about cute planning sheets and to do lists. (I secretly love to do lists and will admit that I add things to my lists that I’ve already completed, just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them off!)

If you’re a mom, a business lady, or just someone that has a lot to do, I think you’ll agree that having a place to write it down, plan it out, and keep track is a must. I’ve found that when I write it down I remember, when I plan it out I progress, and when I keep track I’m accountable – and that means a whole lot when you’ve got more than one area of life that you’re making great strides in.

Today’s printable is simple. I like to have my ideas for meals and healthy eating all in one place and I love the fact that I can jot down my shopping list right while I’m planning the weeks meals. So grab your free printable, print it out and get planning.

Download the Weekly Meal Planner

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If you’re interested in setting goals and establishing new habits you can read more about Starting Fresh as well as download a FREE goal/habit tracker here.