Things are busy, especially around the holidays. Sometimes, as the mom I find myself doing a lot more ‘telling’ rather than asking and showing gratitude (it usually happens when things are busy – like the holidays). My kids are little, they need instruction and reminders or else we lose focus; that said, it’s a whole lot more effective, not to mention fun, if mom is in a good mood.

There is so much service that happens at home and I think we often find the Light of Christ in the small and simple things that occur with those in our own family. As a mom, I’m hoping to be able to step away from the busy for a few minutes and revel in the little things that my kids do each day and then take the time to tell them how much I appreciate them and what they do.


These Thumbs Up Tickets are the perfect way to do just that!  I can hardly wait to see my daughter’s eyes when she realizes that she can earn these little tickets and put them towards a night of fun. I even think my two year old will love them, especially if it means he gets a measuring cup with a few marshmallows and treats.

And the best part – you can use them all year long! The file includes a black and white print as well as color print and the tickets are designed so that they work well with small kiddos as well as older ones. I’ll be printing a few of these off when the kiddos are asleep tonight and start putting them to use tomorrow. I’m hoping that this spirit of gratitude is catching and with any luck I’ll be training little eyes to look for small acts of service as well – the black and white prints would be perfect for an afternoon craft project and it would be a fun game to play to see who can give away their tickets first.

Download the Thumbs Up Tickets Printables by Lisa Valentine Clark & Gina James

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