It’s time to spread the love with these darling Me & You Valentine prints & notecards. Pick your favorites, print and you’re ready to celebrate!

Every year Valentine’s Day seems to sneak up on me. I spend the first week or so cleaning up Christmas and refreshing our home and then fall into the couch happy that it’s all done. The only problem is, I spend too long enjoying the cleaning and we miss out on Valentines decor because the holiday comes mid-month.

Last year, I decided that I’d play it smart and keep things simple so that I could easily toss up Valentine’s Day decor with these Valentine prints and super cute Valentine Garland.

What you’ll need to make your valentine prints

I think my favorite thing about using printable for your home decor is that it’s easy to put together and gives an entire new look. Here’s what you’ll need to spread the love around your home:

  • download the digital file below
  • print on your home computer or send to your favorite copy shop
  • white cardstock
  • paper trimmer or scissors
  • 8×10 frame (I got mine at Walmart)

Valentine prints home decor or sending a little love

Once you’ve gotten your files printed, you’re ready to start putting things together. Use your paper trimmer to cut on the light grey lines and you’ll have a perfectly sized print for your 8×10 frame. The smaller sizes can be cut out and used as notecards. For Valentine’s Day, I like to have some of these on hand so I can write a few love notes to my kids. I leave them in unexpected places for them to find and include a treat once in awhile. They also work well for my kids to write notes to grandparents and cousins who live far away!

Why I love printables for holiday decor

I mentioned above that printable decor is a favorite because it gives a fresh new look without a lot of effort. This one 8×10 frame is in my family room – it usually floats between my mantel and the top of the piano. I try to change it out frequently to coincide with the holidays (which means I know for sure that I dust at least once each month!) and it helps me keep my “fun mom” title because I decorate for every holiday.

When I say decorate – I mean that loosely. Christmas is a big deal around here, but the holiday decorations are at a minimum the rest of the year and I like things that go flat and can store in a file folder.

Storing printable decor & Why I don’t sometimes

I’ll be honest, sometimes the printable decor doesn’t make it that far. I’ve got 9 different prints stuffed in the back of my frame currently. I just turn them so the front is facing the back of the frame (so the printed side doesn’t ghost through the current print) and then pop the new print up front. Other times, I simply pull down all the printed decor and toss it in the trash, knowing that I’ll come up with something different next year or at the very least have the files so I can print and use again if I want.

I used to think that wasn’t very frugal – and it probably isn’t. But I’ve found that my kiddos love crafting with me and scissors and glue projects are easy to do. So I get a lot of bang for my buck when I print out files and put my 9 year old to work trimming and my 6 year old taping. Easy projects like this also help secure my “fun mom” title and I count that as a win!

You can get the Valentine notecards and prints by checking out Jan/February’s Holiday Helper – a fun & festive printable download subscription that lets you have all the cute decor without any fuss so you have time to sit back, relax and celebrate!