The past few weeks have been packed with working on client project and I decided that I needed a little time to decompress. It may sound strange, but decompressing usually includes cleaning off my desk, computer desktop and emptying out my downloads folder. There’s just something relaxing about a clean work space that says relax. 

While cleaning out my downloads folder I realized something. I’m a chronic font downloader. It does come with my job description but a good font is a favorite thing around here. Clicking through all the options is fun, but it’s definitely interesting to see what fonts I find myself using over and over in client work and for items that I sell in my shop.

So without further adieu, and because lets be honest – you’re here for the fonts, here they are.



Market Deco | Nexa Rust | Cartwheel | Air Bag | Alexandria | Mensch | Sacramento


Free fonts are great for personal use, but always make sure that commercial use is free as well, or that you buy a commercial license. 

Several of these have a few different variations – all are awesome. I highly recommend you download your favorites and then get creating.

Wanna know some of my favorite places to look for fonts?


Why it’s great: 100% Free Commercial Use fonts (makes sure to pay attention to the type of commercial license though)

How often I check it out: Anytime I’m looking for a font for a project. You should always look for something that will work that you can get for free first, right?


Why it’s great: Good grief there’s some pretty talented typographers on there. And if you’re looking for those cool brush script fonts – you’ll be in heave on Creative Market. Do you have to pay? Yes, but every font I’ve gotten there I use a ton so its well worth it, and I love helping out other artists – sharing the love and the green is good.

How often I check it out: When I need a new brush script font. When I want to check out free goods they routinely offer. When I can’t find a free font that will do. When I need inspiration in a bad way!


Why it’s great: I stumbled on this one by accident, but it’s an awesome curated library of fonts that all seem to be spot on design-wise. Personal use is a “pay what you want” and commercial licenses all come at a cost, but I love the fact that I can use a font for a client and then if we decide to stick with it I can go back and purchase the commercial license.

How often I check it out: Mostly when I’m working on a project where I know a trendy type face is needed – usually one that seems to fit the requirements of this curated library (they have quite a few retro fonts or those that give a retro vintage vibe).