Try an ornament painting party as a fun twist to your holiday celebrations this year! Perfect for friends, family or to use as youth activity.

Looking for a great idea for a youth group, family, or just friends party this holiday? How about throwing an Ornament Painting Party?

The best part – you can easily gather the items and hold your party in person OR you can go virtual and drop the kits off prior to the party time and then meet online!

Our youth group is taking the virtual option and we’re doing a mailbox drop a few hours before the event to get the kits out to each young women in our group.

What to Put in Your Ornament Painting Kit

Really the sky is the limit when it comes to gathering supplies for your ornament painting party. In fact, you could skip the ornament painting all together and just go with crafting/decorating an ornament. But for our group, we stuck with painting.

Here’s a peek inside of our ornament painting party kit .

Ornament Painting Party Kit from Prickly Pear Design Co.

Our supplies were fairly simple so we could keep the cost down for our large group. We included:

  • clear plastic ornaments (we found ours at the dollar store or a craft store)
  • paint brush (look for brushes with fine round tips)
  • acrylic paints (any colors work but we stuck with traditional Christmas colors)
  • paint pods (optional but great for large groups & a virtual party set up)
  • ribbon
  • sparkles or glitter

My nine year old daughter was my party prep partner – we spent just over an hour completing the following tasks and packaging the items as shown below. Here’s what we did to cut down time.

  1. trimmed all price tags off ornaments
  2. removed paint brushes from packaging
  3. printed out the ornament painting party kit tag (shown below) & trimmed to size
  4. cut paint pods into group of 4 wells and filled with acrylic paint
  5. divided up sparkles in small dressing size plastic cups
  6. trimmed ribbon for hanging the ornaments (8-10″ – so they could loop it through and tie a bow next to the ornament)

Packaging Your Ornament Painting Party Kit Items

We wanted to spend our budget on supplies rather than on packaging, but because we did a mailbox drop a few hours before our youth activity, we needed everything to be in a kit of some kind.

Ornament Painting Party Kit from Prickly Pear Design Co.

Here are the supplies needed to quickly put the kit together:

  • Ornament Painting Party Kit Tag (snag the free download for this below)
  • green or red cardstock
  • white lunch sacks
  • paper trimmer
  • stapler

We opened up all the sacks on our work surface and then assembly-lined packaging our kits. After making sure each bag had all the items we folded down the tops and then stapled it closed with a tag on top.

Want to put together your own Ornament Painting Party? You can snag the download with the kit tag inside. There is a Young Women version and then a second page that just says “Ornament Painting Party Kit”.


Ornament Painting

Party Kit

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